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The Services You Need

Keeping a plumbing system functioning well should be your main priority as a property owner. Whenever you need assistance for any plumbing issues, contact Ray's Plumbing Repair. Our contractor is situated in Washington Park, IL, and from us, you can expect:

Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing checkups are an integral part of property maintenance. Professional inspections encompass checking and testing both indoor and outdoor pipes with specialized equipment. In a nutshell, a properly-performed inspection can save a specialist and the homeowner a headache. A comprehensive check-up will detect any issues along the line, and this is how we will know the right location of the clogs, cracks, and other problems.

Plumbing Repair

We perform good repairs because we understand the plumbing basics. When you hire a plumber to fix your faucets, the toilet, or the bathtub, they guarantee swift and top-quality work. You can call our team to repair any malfunctions with your plumbing fixtures and pipes.

Plumbing repair

Water Heater Repair

Your water heater is the major source of hot water for your household. Therefore, when it breaks down, this causes frustration. But not anymore! Every member of our crew knows how to troubleshoot boilers. We are familiar with its main components and can fix or replace them.

Faucet Repair

You can call Ray's Plumbing Repair for faucet repair or replacement as well. Most homeowners don’t realize that something as simple as a faucet replacement can change the whole environment and make the space more stylish. Our plumbers can suggest certain alternatives that are beautiful and affordable at the same time.

Sewer Snaking

Using a simple tool like a snake for unclogging drains and sewers can be very effective. We use it to remove waste build-up and make the pipes passable again.

For commendable and reasonable plumbing services, feel free to contact our experts now. We gladly serve the local residential and commercial customers in Washington Park, IL. For any inquiries, call us at (618) 227-4080.